Halloween 2014

Playback Recording Studio is very proud to present Playback Live Sessions with music and videos featuring some of our favorite musical acts from our Halloween 2014 party!

We hosted a wild and scary night of music featuring the tasty sounds from Erisy Watt, Erik Madeleine, The Olés, Pacific Haze and Grooveshine, five great musical acts made in Santa Barbara!

We hope you enjoy the first installment of this ongoing music series from Playback Recording studio. All of the music is recorded live in the studio, with guests in attendance, and presented to the Santa Barbara community for all to celebrate! If you find something you like be sure to check the local listings and the web, and venture out to see them perform… and please stay tuned for our next event!

A special thanks to the Musicians, the Santa Barbara Independent and Oniracom for making this possible and sharing these sounds with our incredible community!